A&R Construction was originally established in June 1988. Two partners set out to make a difference in the Construction Industry here in the Imperial Valley. A&R started out small, but grew strong and steady with each passing year as their reputation for quality work and knowledge became notorious. After 9 years the partnership was dissolved and Terry Robertson retained the A&R Construction name and continued on as a Sole-Proprietorship.

The positive changes made during that time enabled A&R Construction to grow and support a continued expansion of employees and workload. We continued with our business plan structure until January 1, 2001 when we became incorporated. A&R Construction was now, as it is known today, Terry Robertson, Inc. dba: A&R Construction. This change was solely for reorganization purposes and to enhance our abilities to move with the changing times.

At the root of A&R Construction’s core values and beliefs has always been the Lord first and foremost. In doing so, we have established an honest, forthright company that cares tremendously for our employees and customers and the Imperial Valley as a whole. We believe with each new employee a new family has become a part of the ever-growing A&R Construction family.

As our family continues to multiply, we never want to lose sight of how this company was started with a strong commitment to its employees and customers’ happiness and continued unbarred adoption of changes as it becomes necessary to move with the times and to stay ahead of the competition. We are always striving to improve and it is imperious that we continue to be pioneers of our trade and the continued evolution of the Imperial Valley’s future.

Our badge is our reputation. Our strength is our commitment. Our goals are to continue.

We set the bar and expect from each and every employee


Exceptional Standards of Job Performance

Highest Standards of Safety

Superior Professional Conduct

Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

Top Ethical Principles & Standards